Garm Wars: Kiakra

The Kiakra ship was made much the same as the Rosmerta ship. The model was based on a maquette by the Japanese team. The original maquette was made many years ago ( might go back as far as 20 years now ), as the Garm Wars movie was attempted a number of times. The movie asset was started by myself in early 2013, and once the major forms were established and all of the major pieces were in, the different parts were then distributed to other artists to finish. Modellers included Dinesh Subramanian, Craig Reid, and myself. The Texturing for this ship was mostly worked on by Tory Miles.

Martin krol kiakra turntable 001
Martin krol kiakra turntable close 280

Close up of the hangar bays. The ships would land on these perch arms. Then they would be taken inside and finally descend into the storage area. ( The storage area was made by another artist so I wont be posting it here )

Martin krol kiakra textures 02

Intelligent Creatures: Last Druid Demo Reel

Martin krol kiakra textures 01