Garm Wars: Dannan

This model was made for the movie Garm Wars at Intelligent Creatures, alongside Production IG. I was originally given a few very loose sketches to work from. I had, however, pictures of the smaller minions which were used as a guide. The model started inside of Clay3d on my own time during the production because there was a large chance that this model could have been on the chopping block. So I tried to convince the production team to keep it in the movie. The final details were worked on inside of ZBrush, and the Textures in Mari 2.0. However shown here is only the Zbrush model. Not all parts were detailed because they wouldn't be seen in the movie anyway.
At the end of the day I wish I had more time on it to make it better, but it was a ton of fun to work on. Very quirky design, with weird anatomical features, and design elements that wouldn't work in movement, but more of a statue.

Martin krol dannan 03