Garm Wars: Tank

This Tank was based on a maquette that was provided to us by the team from Japan. The maquette was scanned and then retopologized in Clay3D. I worked out the forms first and then once all of the main objects were put into place, I distributed it out to the rest of the asset team to work on. Much like the Kiakra and Rosmerta, etc, this asset was split up into parts, and once finished I would assemble and put the finishing touches. This asset was textured by the Matte Painting team in Photoshop, as our Mari licenses were being used up by the rest of the team on other assets :)

Martin krol tank 01

Model worked on by Craig Reid, Dinesh Subramanian, and myself. More info in the description.

Martin krol tank 02
Martin krol tank textured 01

Textures by: Bojan Zoric, Tory Miles, Pat Lau, Mujia Liao. This version is before it was shaded by Nathan Larouche. Just raw colour textures on the model.

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