Fallout 4 Trailer

On this Fallout 4 trailer, I had helped with assets and a few technical bits. The assets included Mr. Handy, the Proton robot, Background cars texturing, shading, the gun that the main character is holding at the end ( which was originally supposed to be a very hero asset, but then the shot changed ). The technical bits were mostly for the first shot where the town gets nuked. I had made some Houdini OTLs to create quick internal walls for the houses ( so that all of the drywall, framing would be automated. Also, the fences were all procedural. In the end, we had only about a month and a bit on this, so it was super short turn around. I only have this trailer, no pictures of individual assets, but its all in there. The work was done at Pixomondo.

Pixomondo Fallout Breakdown