Crouching Tiger 2

On Crouching Tiger 2 I was responsible for modelling the Ice lake elements for when the lake broke. The flying ice elements that broke apart.
This was partially done inside Houdini to create the broken pieces based on a template. Everything from creating the individual pieces, adding surface detail, uv layouts for consistency, topology preparation for ZBrush was all automated inside an OTL.
I developed a few tools for the matte painters to use to distribute trees, and rocks quickly for when the layout of the scene changed.
Later on, I worked modelling and shading a number of props that were used in a few shots ( knives, swords, spears, stalls, fishing decks, boats, etc. ). I also worked on a number of environment shots where I was responsible for larger elements like the outer palace wall, foreground elements like a few stalls, populating the cities using more tools that I developed, and also optimizing some assets to make some shots more manageable.

Martin krol ct2 rps 0020 009 after

Earlier version

Martin krol ct2 rps 0020 009 before
Martin krol crouch tiger 01
Martin krol tcm10s

Crouching Tiger 2 Breakdown Pixomondo

Martin krol crouch tiger 03
Martin krol crouch tiger 04
Martin krol crouch tiger 06

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