Garm Wars: Rosmerta

This ship was based on a maquette provided to us by the Japanese Team. I don't know in particular how long ago the maquette was done, but I do know that this movie was attempted several times over the course of about 12-14 years. Originally it was going to be an Anime. So I couldn't get the concept artists name as it was so long ago. This model however, was made around mid-2013. I started off with taking photos of the form, and working with that until I had the base proportions and all the pieces in place. Once this was done I separated the asset into a number of major parts and gave it to multiple artists to work on, and UV. I then would assemble and finish and start the texturing process in Mari. The artists involved in the Modelling process were: Dinesh Subramanian, Craig Reid, and myself. Once I filled in the base Texture work, it was finished by Vladimir Ilic. The Movie stills were taken from the Blu-Ray. They were heavily colour corrected unfortunately.

Martin krol rosmerta 001 turntable
Martin krol rosmerta 021 close
Martin krol tld 13 sm

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